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  • Herman

    Jamie I.

    Today I received a very special gift from a couple of very special people, part of my @crunchsanclemente family! Herman was a very special part of our family, and this painting of him really makes it feel like he's home. Thank you @watercolorpetportraits for this amazing gift and for sharing your talent with my family and I. This is the perfect way to remember him!

  • Sammy

    Georgia S.

    We commissioned Michelle to create a painting of our niece’s chocolate lab for her wedding present and it’s wonderful. She captured Sammy’s soulful eyes and sweet face perfectly and I cannot wait for our niece to see the fabulous painting of her sweet Sammy! I absolutely recommend Michelle to anyone who wants a piece of art to capture their pet forever.

  • Tank

    Alycia B.

    Michelle did a wonderful portrait of our boxer, Tank. She captured his loving, goofy nature. I highly recommend Water Color Pet Portraits!

  • Roar

    Krista S.

    I love the one of a kind piece of my sweet dog! You captured his face and eyes perfectly- it looks just like him!

  • Grace Kelly

    Cherie C.

    The amazingly talented @watercolorpetportraits surprised us with this beautiful tribute to Grace Kelly after she crossed the rainbow bridge. It's been a tough month and still doesn't feel real, but this work of art made our hearts happy. Thank you, Michelle for capturing all of her best features forever; her pony tail ears, her potato chip tongue, and her meat neck. 

  • Soma

    Barb G.

    Michelle presented our boy, Soma, so perfectly. The colors, textures and detail captures his spirit. And the eyes! It's literally like peering into his soul. We will treasure this masterpiece. 

  • Nala

    Rick D.

    Our portrait of our new kitten, painted by Michelle using a contemporary color scheme, looks just like her! It’s more than her outward appearance (the color, as I mentioned, is very creative), though, it’s the way her eyes look, with expression and depth, the tilt of her head, the perfect proportions of her face. It’s an excellent portrait, because it captures her spirit—thank you, Michelle!

  • Doc Holiday

    Will L.

    What a talent! It was so easy to do and Michelle is very responsive. Purchased as a gift for daughter. Loved it so much I bought another for the family. She is great. Highly recommend.

  • Riley

    Kaitlyn R.

    This piece of love Michelle created embodies her and her soul which makes me know she is still here. You will be forever cherished for creating such a special piece of art that I will have my whole life.

  • Sky

    Annine U.

    I got my baby Sky when I was feeling lonely and felt I needed a companion that was going to be loyal, happy and fun. This treasure if a gift from @watercolorpetportraits who painted this knowing the connection of human and puppy. 

  • Freeway

    Chante H.

    Michelle created one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. She created a painting combining both my love for my dog and outer space by intertwining them into a piece of art. It’s easy to see her dedication to her work by the personalization and how perfectly she can create an image of a loved pet.

  • Bella


    That's MY Bella! This was the most amazing gift to remember this sweet girl. She was my best friend 17+ years-it was a very difficult loss. I miss her so much every day and now I have this beautiful painting to remember her by. I will treasure this forever.

  • Jackson


    This was a gift from my amazing family to remember our sweet Jackson who passed 10/10/19 at 15 years of age. He was the sweetest most gentle boy. Your work depicted him perfectly. I'm so thankful for this thoughtful gift. 

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