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Your Pet's Soul in


About the artist

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Michelle Delanty

Michelle Delanty’s watercolor paintings combine artistic sensitivity with her passion for animals. Born and raised in Orange County, California, Michelle studied under many professional artists, focusing her studies mainly on figurative drawing and painting. Studying the fundamentals under her father-- an artist himself—she continued her higher education with art professors at Saddleback College in summer programs. The decision to major in the Fine Arts at California State University Long Beach led to study abroad in Florence, Italy. These varied experiences provided her with multiple perspectives concerning the significance of the arts, and gave her an underlying appreciation for arts of all genres. In February of 2018, she was asked to paint a portrait of a friend’s canine pet. Michelle knew immediately that she had found a subject that combined both her love for animals and her passion for the arts. Today her colorful pet portraits reflect her ability to capture the sensitive nature of animals, and her desire to express the love and depth of their very souls in paint. 

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